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Blume Day Spa is a blissful escape to pamper yourself and your senses in South Surrey. Our commitment to the people and community we serve is built upon a foundation of attention to detail, expertise and meeting individual needs, since 2013. Our friendly, committed staff ensures everyone’s rejuvenating journey through founder, Melanie Campbell’s Blume Day Spa, is only the first of many for years to come as we welcome you back to the heart of Ocean Park!We look forward to seeing you soon. Call or email to book one of Blume’s bliss filled experiences.

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Mel Campbell opened Blume Day Spa with a simple commitment. She knew feeling happy and appreciated are essential ingredients for positive, lasting relationships with all her clients. Her dedication to ensuring everyone’s personal journey ends in complete satisfaction is unmatched. A passion she maintains as proud 2005 Alumni from Ms Lauri College of Aesthetics in BC.


Relaxation and rejuvenation wrap each and every experience for clients of Aesthetician Lynn Mcintosh. Beginning and ending with the finer details necessary for creating exceptional, personalized looks, the Graduate of Esthetic & Makeup Artistry from Blanche MacDonald can help revitalize anyone’s style or just their skin, as a welcomed treat to return to.


Understanding how our beautiful skin changes over time and what it takes to nourish, replenish and rejuvenate ourselves takes decades of experience and continual schooling. Veteran face and body aesthetician and educator, Sally, prides herself on ensuring all clients experience the transformative results of her vast knowledge for themselves.


The best looking hands and nails can be yours, thanks to Melinda and her skill in gel nail enhancements, manicures, and spectacular nail art. Her pedicures are just as magnificent, ensuring all her clients leave feeling their happiest selves. Melinda comes to us, from Vancouver, and formerly owned her own spa in Europe.

Pamper yourself and your senses

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